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Almost everybody is joining the social networks. Celebrities, politicians, and people from all walks of lives are communicating with the outside world using these social networks. Millions of fans follow or like the pages of celebrities and other public figures. Here are some of the most popular Twitter accounts that you must follow.

Richard Branson @richardbranson


Though he is one of the wealthiest men on earth, he is very down to Earth. That’s why people like his tweets. The tweets will inspire you to make yourself a better person and improve the world around you.

Bill Gates @BillGates


He is one of the cleverest and richest men on earth. He is a generous philanthropist. He is one of the most important people around now, so you should follow him to know where technology is heading.

Milton Jones @themiltonjones


You will get short jokes. He is known as the king of one-liners. You will love the tweets and enjoy the moment reading them.

Amanda Bynes @amandabynes


She was an actress. Suddenly, she started tweeting crazy things and became popular on Twitter. She then deleted all her tweets, but there is a chance that she might come back. So, you should follow her.

Meredith Frost @MeredithFrost


She is a producer with ABC News. She is a great photography enthusiast as well. She tweets great photos, and you will love what the tweets.

These are some great selection Twitter accounts that everyone must follow. You should give these accounts a try and see if you like them.