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There are lots of YouTube channels now. It is the cheapest channel you can have. You will find channels in every possible field you can think of. For example, you can get technology YouTube channel, entertainment YouTube channel, and more. It is a way small businesses can get your products and services in front of a vast number of audiences without spending too much money.

Benefits of having YouTube channels


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It is also the third most visited website in the world. So, having a YouTube channel means that you can have access to a huge pool of audiences. If you market your product or service in Google, then Google will rank you higher in the search engine results pages. You can get other web owners to place the video on their website. This increases the chance of brand recognition.

7 YouTube channels that you must follow now


He is a celebrity on the YouTube channel. In this channel, you will be able to view makeup tutorials for every occasion. You will get advice on styling and wardrobe, healthy eating tips and more.


If you are worried about how to deal with your wardrobe, then this YouTube channel is right for you. Here you will get lots of training advice, monthly favorites, etc.

Pixi2Woo (Tanya Burr)

This is the channel of Tanya Burr who has her succcessful line of nail polishes and lipglosses. She uploads more than 250 videos. You will how to do celebrity-like makeup at home.

Expert Vagabond

The author is roaming around the world for the past five years. Here you will see things like scuba diving, hitchhiking, trekking, taking photos of northern lights, etc.


The channel is for those who want to keep themselves fit all the time. Here you will learn about healthy eating habits, recipes of healthy foods, exercise tutorials, and more.


This is a channel by Mark Wiens. You will find lots of videos on food from around the world on this channel. Everything looks very delicious here. Mark loves to travel and eat; so he shares his experience with the audiences.


It is a very popular tech channels on YouTube. Here you will see unboxing of new gadgets. You will get reviews of new products. You will hear about all kinds of gadgets like smartphones, tablets, PCs, gaming consoles, etc.

All these YouTube channels have a huge number of subscribers. You can also subscribe to these channels depending on your interest and enjoy the lovely videos they upload on a regular basis.