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3 Unique Ways to Use Social Media for Your Business

Social media has become a common platform for promoting your business today. Apart from the regular communication benefits, social media can be used in many ways. Here are the three unique ways you can use social media for your business.

Using Twitter to make headlines


You can test the headlines of your blogs or websites using Twitter. Research has shown that most people only read headlines when they read a blog or a website. You can, for example, test two headlines and find out which one is more suitable by asking viewers to vote.

Use Reddit to get feedback and leads


You can use it to categorize millions of fans into subreddits. You can get subreddit for anything. If a subreddit consists exactly of your target market, then you will be able to great leads and insights by interacting with the community. You can choose your target market as a subreddit and make a post aiming towards them. The comments you get will help you decide whether to launch a new product or take a certain decision, etc. With this approach, you can make a wise decision about your product or service before it’s out on the market.

Use Triberr for guest posting and networking


In Triberr you can get articles that are posted by other bloggers.You can use this platform to form a network with bloggers in your niche. You can also use it to look for guest posting, podcasting and interview opportunities.

These are some interesting ways you can use the social network. These provide in-depth insights and can give you useful information that will help you in marketing your products or services.